Mark Pallister is an Australian, born and bred, having been born in Brighton. He attended the University of Western Australia, obtaining his Bachelor of Law in 1986. Since that time, though, he has been involved in so many different ventures and entrepreneurial efforts. He has made a life for himself in Australia as a successful entrepreneur, providing senior leadership to a number of different companies, including both those he founded and those he joined after they were established.

In September 2004, Mark James Pallister got involved with Quiktrak Security. He became a funder and major shareholder of the business, which was an ASX listed company from 2005 until 2008. It only went off the ASX in 2008 because it was privatised that year in November. The operations of the company were globalised through M2M Global Technology Limited, which is now present all over the world, with offices in twenty-two countries. It is a leading GPS Security location and solution provider and Quiktrak is one of the world’s largest security GPS tracking companies. So, it is a well-made partnership.

Mark James Pallister also founded Adventure Kayaks back in February of 2000. It started off as a company with one rotomoulding machine. It produced a range of kayaks, intended for sitting on top. This company soon grew to include six rotomoulding machines, increasing its production capacity drastically in response to orders. In Australia and other countries, Adventure Kayaks sold more than 1,400 kayaks a month.